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Kiki Sheung Profile and Biography
Name: 商天娥 / Sheung Tin Ngo (Shang Tian E)
English name: Kiki Sheung
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1962-Jul-24
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 162cm
Weight: 52kg
Star sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Tiger

Kiki Sheung TV Series
Rosy Business (TVB, 2009)
When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West (TVB, 2008)
Last One Standing (TVB, 2008)
The Money-Maker Recipe (TVB, 2008)
The Seventh Day (TVB, 2008)
The Family Link (TVB, 2007)
Maiden's Vow (TVB, 2006)
Below the Lion Rock 2006 (2006)
The Charm Beneath (TVB, 2005)
Yummy Yummy (TVB, 2005)
Lost in the Chamber of Love (TVB, 2005)
The Last Breakthrough (TVB, 2004)
Kung Fu Soccer (TVB, 2004)
To Get Unstuck in Time (TVB, 2004)
Lady Stealer (ATV, 2002)
Young Hero Fang Shi Yu (ATV, 1999)
Food Glorious Food (ATV, 1999)
The Good Old Days (ATV, 1996)
Vampire Expert II (ATV, 1996)
I Have a Date with Spring (ATV, 1995)
Looking Back in Anger (TVB, 1989)
Two of a Kind (TVB, 1989)
A Taste of Bachelorhood (TVB, 1986)
The Duke of Mount Deer (TVB, 1984)

kiki seung

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