Fan Bing Bing

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Fan Bing Bing Profile and Biography
Name: 范冰冰 / Fan Bing Bing
Also known as: 冰冰 (Bing Bing) / 宝宝 (Bao Bao)
Profession: Actress, model, singer and producer
Birthdate: 1981-Sep-16
Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Height: 168cm
Weight: 52kg
Star sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Rooster
Blood type: B
Family: Younger brother

Fan Bing Bing TV Series
As an Actress
The Last Night of Madam Chin as Madam Chin Zhao Li (CCTV, 2009)
Ren Jian Qing Yuan as Gan Lu (2008)
The Legend and the Hero 2 as Moon Goddess (2008, guest star)
Rouge Snow as Wen Yu He (2008)
Da Tang Fu Rong Yuan as Yang Gui Fei (CCTV, 2007)
Qin Shi Huang, The First Emperor as A Ruo (CCTV, 2007)
The Legend and the Hero as Da Ji (2007)
Geng Zi Feng Yun (2006)
A Beautiful New World as Cheng Lin (2006)
Library as Fan Yun Lian (2006)
Eight Heroes as Xiang Xiang (2005)
The Proud Twins as Tie Xin Lan (2005)
Ming Bu Zhen Guan Dong as Princess Ning An (2004)
The Legend of the Treasure Basin (2004)
Heroic Legend as Yun Lei (2003)
Young Justice Bao II as Xiao Qing Ting (2001)
Da Mo Zu Shi as A Si (2000)
Legend of Dagger Li (1999)
Princess Returning Pearl II as Jin Suo (1999)
Princess Returning Pearl as Jin Suo (1997)

As a Producer
Rouge Snow (2008)

TV Series Theme Songs
Yan Zhi (胭脂) Rouge, Rouge Snow opening theme song (2008)
Hua Zhi Mei (花之魅) Flower's Appeal, Da Tang Fu Rong Yuan insert song (2007)
Yao Yuan De Lian Ai (遥远的恋爱) Distant Romance, A Beautiful New World ending theme song (2006)

Sophie's Revenge (2009)
Wheat (2009)
Shinjuku Incident (2009)
Kung Fu Pop (2008)
Lost in Beijing (2007)
Crossed Lines (2007)
Flash Point (2007)
Sweet Revenge (2007)
Call for Love (2007)
The Matrimony (2007)
A Battle of Wits (2006)
A Chinese Tall Story (2005)
The Twins Effect II (2004)
Diamond (2003)
Undercover Cop (2003)
Cell Phone (2003)
Love at First Sight (2002)
Reunion (2002)
The Lion Roars (2002)

44th Golden Horse Awards: Best Supporting Actress for "The Matrimony" (2007)

Education: Shanghai Xie Jin Heng Tong Star School (上海谢晋恒通明星学校), Shanghai Theatre Academy
Talents: Dancing, piano, flute, swimming and ice skating
Languages: Mandarin, English and Shandong dialect
She has her own production company (范冰冰工作室).

Fan Bing Bing

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