Kingone Wang Chuan Yi

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Kingone Wang Chuan Yi Profile and Biography
Name: 王傳一 / Wang Chuan Yi
English name: Kingone Wang
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1980-May-05
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg
Blood type: O
Star sign: Taurus

Kingone Wang Chuan Yi TV Shows

Scent of Love (CTV, 2010)
Black & White (PTS, 2009)
Wish to See You Again (CTS, 2008)
Chu Liu Xiang (CCTV, 2007)
Why Why Love (CTS, 2007)
Goku Dou High School (CTS, 2006)
Silence (CTV, 2006)
My Son is a Mob Boss (onTV, 2006)
Baseball Love Affair (FTV, 2005)
Devil Beside You (CTV, 2005)
Starry Night (CTS, 2005)
Mars (CTS, 2004)
Godfather in Pink (CTV, 2003, cameo)
Meteor Garden II (CTS, 2002)

TV Show Theme Songs
Wo Yao De Shi Jie (我要的世界) The World That I Want, opening theme song for Why Why Love (2007)
Welcome To My Heart, insert song for Why Why Love (2007)
Exchange Love (換換愛), insert song for Why Why Love (2007)
Ji Dao Zhan Yi (極道戰役) with Li Wei Hao, Ma Ru Long and Dean Fujioka, opening theme song for Goku Dou High School (2006)
Lovin'U, ending theme song for Goku Dou High School (2006)

Band: Comic Boyz (disbanded)

Kingone Wang Chuan Yi

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