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Coco Lee and Biography
English Name: Coco Lee
Chinese Name : Li Wen
Cantonese Name: Lee Man
real name: Ferren-Kelly Lee, Lee Mei Lam(Cantonese), Li Mei Lin(Mandarin)
Birthday: Jan 17th 1974
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Fmaily: Parents and 2 sisters
College: University of California
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hobbies: Singing, Poetry, Music (R&B especially)
Favorite Singers: Mariah Carey, George Michael, David Huang, Whitney Houston, Michael
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Strawberries
Her Wishes: Gaining international recognition as an artist.
Most-Respected Person: Mother, Mariah Carey

[1994.06.xx] Love From Now On
[1994.12.xx] Promise Me
[1995.06.xx] Brave Enough To Love
[1995.09.xx] Woman In Love
[1996.06.xx] CoCo (Past Love)
[1996.11.xx] CoCo's Party
[1997.06.xx] Everytime I Think of You
[1997.12.xx] CoCo Cantonese album
[1998.01.xx] DiDaDi (HMV Music Chart: #1)
[1998.06.25] Sunny Day
[1999.05.25] Today Until Forever
[1999.10.27] Just No Other Way English debut album (HMV Music Chart: #1)
[2000.08.24] True Lover, You and Me
[2001.10.12] Promise
[2002.06.18] D.IS.CoCo
[2005.03.25] Exposed English second album (HMV Music Chart: #1)
[2006.09.22] Just Want You (HMV Music Chart: #1)

coco lee

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