Lena Yang

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Lena Yang Profile and Biography
Name : 杨青倩 - Yang Qing Qian
English Name: Lena
Nickname: small V or V V
Date of Birth : 1986.09.22
Place of Birth : Shanghai
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 45 Kg
Institution: Shanghai Theater Academy in 2001 session

Lena Yang Works:
1, from 2002 to 2005 nearly a hundred TV print ad shoot
2, TV:
2007 "Grand Theatre" decorated woman and two old Cui-ping
2006 "Kung Fu Hero" decorated women and a Ruan Yuanyuan
Third, television and movies:
2005 "love affairs"

Lena Yang Advertisement :
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Lena Yang Events
Lena Yang recent practice every day, practice, practice ...... because in March to attend a martial arts international competition ah! Really nervous very nervous ...... although with the master has learned some time, but really did not mind the end of it!

Lena Yang Essay
A few days ago after school shopped in Lee Gardens Two, Causeway Bay, the liquor store, see Lena Yang favorite MOET & CHANDON pink champagne surprise for the former French royal life-style concept of a gift set of the book Oh, the first time to buy it, my friends could not get me wrong Qing Qian is a "drunkard" Oh, just really like it sweet pink foam and then! hope than you can finish Green Qian chance to make it as a celebration wine master teacher with brothers and sisters We share it!

Lena Yang Qing Qian

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