Guo Shu Yao

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Guo Shu Yao (Yao Yao) Profile and Biography

Real name: Guo Shuyao (郭書瑤)
Nickname: Yaoyao (瑤瑤)
Height: 155cm
Weight: 42kg
Profession : Singer, Model
Measurements: 33F/23/33
Birthday: 1990/7/18
Constellation: Cancer
Blood Type: AB
Place of Birth: Taipei
Family members: Mom, Dad, brother, sister
Language: English
Favorite food: see mood
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite color: white, black, pink
Favorite sport: dancing
Favorite dress: simple elegant
The most special expertise: dance
Motto: To strive to only grow!
Mantra: How How! What is now
Special talent: love play

Guo Shu Yao Yao Yao

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