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Leila Tong Profile and Biography
Name: 唐寧 (唐宁) / Tong Ning (Tang Ning)
English name: Leila Tong
Nickname: Ning Ning (寧寧), Ah Ning
Real English name: Pauline Kong
Real name: 江麗娜 (江丽娜) / Kong Lai No (Jiang Li Nuo)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1981-Dec-05
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Chinese zodiac: Rooster
Family: Older brother
Talent agency: Joy Star

Leila Tong TV Series
A Pillow Case of Mystery II (TVB, 2009)
The Greatness of a Hero (TVB, 2009)
Man in Charge (TVB, 2009)
The Last Princess as Li Kai Xin (2008)
The Family Link as Shu Siu Man (TVB, 2007)
Phoenix Rising as So Fei (TVB, 2007)
War and Destiny as Chen Yuet Fung (TVB, 2006)
Bar Bender as Ting Ting (TVB, 2006)
Life Made Simple as Angel On Kei (TVB, 2005)
Liao Zhai Zhi Yi as Xiao Xie (2005)
Ten Brothers as Hong Siu Lan (TVB, 2004)
ICAC Investigators (TVB, 2004)
The Last Breakthrough as Ha Hiu Ching (TVB, 2004)
Twin of Brothers as See Fei Huan (TVB, 2004)
The Legend of Love (TVB, 2003)
Aqua Heroes as Yau Wing (Rain) (TVB, 2003)
Find the Light as Siu Shun Tzi (TVB, 2003)
In the Realm of Fancy (TVB, 2002)
Let's Face It (TVB, 2002)
Vigilante Force as Look Lai Kuen (TVB, 2002)
Legal Entanglement (TVB, 2002)
Square Pegs as Ling Choi Dip (TVB, 2002)
Take My Word For It as Yip Ho Oi (TVB, 2002)
Golden Faith (TVB, 2002)
A Case of Misadventure (TVB, 2002)
Good Against Evil (TVB, 2002)
Love and Again (TVB, 2002)
Burning Flame II as Hong Lan (Joey) (TVB, 2002)
State of Divinity (TVB, 1996)
Forty Something (TVB, 1995)
The Greed of Man (TVB, 1992)
Return to the Truth (ATV, 1991)

Leila Tong Movies
L For Love, L For Lies (2008)
Gwai Gai: Ghost Plot (2007)
One Floor, One Ghost (2007)
Marriage with a Fool (2006)
Breezy Summer (2005)
Cop Unbowed (2004)
The Trouble-Makers (2003)
Tragic Room (2003)
Love is a Butterfly (2003)
The Untold Story- Suddenly Vanished (2002)
Chinese Heroes (2001)
An Eye for an Eye (2000)
City Hunter (1993)
Once a Thief (1989)

Education: Sun Fong Chung Primary School, Confucian Ho Kwok Pui Chun College, Hong Kong Fashion Design Institute
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Indonesian
Hobbies: Playing with dogs
She can play the piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and saxophone

Leila Tong

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