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Myolie Wu Profile and Biography
Name: 胡杏兒 (胡杏儿) / Wu Hang Yee (Hu Xing Er)
English name: Myolie Wu
Nicknames: My Lo My / Myo
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1979-Nov-06
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 172cm
Weight: 64kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Blood type: A

TV Series
Flirting Scholar (TVB, 2009)
His True Father (TVB, 2009)
Burning Flame 3 (TVB, 2009)
When a Dog Loves a Cat as Chow Chi Yu (TVB, 2008)
The Master of Tai Chi (TVB, 2008)
War of In-Laws II (TVB, 2008)
The Drive of Life (TVB, 2007)
War and Destiny (TVB, 2007)
To Grow with Love (TVB, 2006)
When Rules Turn Loose (TVB, 2005)
War of In-Laws (TVB, 2005)
The Gâteau Affairs (TVB, 2005)
Scavenger's Paradise (TVB, 2005)
Lost in the Chamber of Love (TVB, 2005)
Dream of Colours (TVB, 2004)
Supreme Fate (TVB, 2004, guest star)
Net Deception (TVB, 2004)
Triumph in the Skies (TVB, 2003)
Virtues of Harmony II (TVB, 2003, guest star)
Survivor's Law (TVB, 2003)
Golden Faith (TVB, 2002)
Family Man (TVB, 2002)
Doomed to Oblivion (TVB, 2002)
Eternal Happiness (TVB, 2002)
At Point Blank (TVB, 2001)
The Awakening Story (TVB, 2001)
Legal Entanglement (TVB, 2001)
Colourful Life (TVB, 2001)

TV Series Theme Songs
Intention (有意) with Kevin Cheng, ending theme song for Burning Flame III (2009)
When a Dog Loves a Cat (當狗愛上貓) When a Dog Loves a Cat theme song, with Gallen Lo (2008)
Thankful to Meet You (感激遇到你), War of In-Laws II insert song, with Bosco Wong (2008)
Most Difficult to Pass Today (最難過今天), War of In-Laws II insert song, with Vincent Wong (2008)
Fortunately (幸而), War and Destiny opening theme song (2007)
Mr. Pig, To Grow with Love ending theme song, with Andy Hui (2006)
Ugly Beautiful, To Grow with Love opening theme song, with Andy Hui (2006)
War of In-Laws theme song, with Liza Wang and Bosco Wong (2005)
Scavenger's Paradise theme song, with Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma and Cherie Kong (2005)
Wedding Dress (嫁衣裳), Lost in the Chamber of Love opening theme song, with Ron Ng (2005)

Myolie Wu Movies
Scaremonger (Universe Laser, 2001)

41st TVB Anniversary Awards: Most Fashionable Artist Award (2008)
2007 Astro Award: My Favourite Character Award, for War and Destiny
2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best Music Newcomer - Silver
2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best TV Actress Award - Bronze
2006 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
2006 Metro Showbiz Television Awards: Top 12 Popular TV Series Actor/Actress Award
2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Most Popular On-Screen Couple - Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu
2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Top 10 Favourite Characters in War of In-Laws
2006 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 7th
2005 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite character from Dream of Colours
2005 Golden TVS Awards from South China: Most Popular Cantonese Speaking Actress
2005 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
2005 TVB Weekly: Most Popular Female Idol Award
2005 Next TV Magazine: Ferti "Style & Chic" Award
2005 Smiling Together & Lifting our Spirits Function: Brightest Smile Award
2004 Entertainment Weekly: Future Galore Star
2003 3rd Weekly: Popular Actress Award
2003 Next TV Magazine: Best "Personal Style" Smile
2002 TVB 35th Anniversary: Most Improved Actress Award
1999 Miss Hong Kong: 2nd runner up & "Most Energetic" Award

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