Devon Song

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Devon Song [or better known as traditional Chinese: 彈頭; pinyin: Dan Tou] (traditional Chinese: 宋健彰; pinyin: Song Jian Zhang; born December 20, 1980, in Taiwan) is the lead male vocalist in the popular Taiwanese band Nan Quan Ma Ma. He is shown to be an avid basketball player as can be seen in several of their music videos, and also plays the drums.

He is also very well acquainted with Jay Chou, starring in several of the Asian pop king's music videos, including: Tui Hou, Feng. He also played a small role in Jay Chou's feature length film "Secret" as Ah Bao and is seen in Kung Fu Dunk for a few seconds.

He has composed and written the lyrics of several songs for his band, Nan Quan Ma Ma (see table below). Devon has also written the lyrics for three of Jay Chou's songs which are Ge Qian, Feng and Tui Hou.

He is married.

devon song

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