Chapman To

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Chapman To Profile and Biography
Name: 杜汶澤 / To Man Zaak
Real name: 吳卓彰 / Ng Cheuk Cheung
English name: Chapman To
Also known as: Edward To / To Man Chak
Profession: Action and singer
Birthdate: 1972-Jun-8
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 168cm
Star sign: Gemini
Family: Wife/Actress Crystal Tin

Chapman To TV Shows
OL Supreme (TVB, 2010)
Island Dream 寶島春夢 (ATV, 2000)
Showbiz Tycoon (ATV, 2000)
My Date with a Vampire II (ATV, 1999)
Ten Tigers Of Guangdong 廣東十虎 (ATV, 1999)
The Mad Phoenix (ATV, 1999)
I Come From Guangzhou (ATV, 1998)
My Date with a Vampire (ATV, 1998)
Jeuk Sou Yat Jok 著數一族 (ATV, 1998)
The Year of Chameleon (ATV, 1997)
Coincidentally (ATV, 1997)
King of Gamblers (ATV, 1995)
Fist of Fury (ATV, 1995)
Oi Je Yau Ki Oak 愛者有其屋 (ATV, 1994)

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