Casper Chan Profile and Biography
Name: 陳思齊 (陈思齐) / Chan Sze Tsai (Chen Si Qi)
English name: Casper Chan
Real name: 陳凱怡 (陈凯怡) / Chan Hoi Yee (Chen Kai Yi)
Profession: Actress and host
Birthdate: 1982-May-11
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Taurus
Chinese zodiac: Dog

Casper Chan TV Series
Just Love II (TVB, 2009)
E.U. (TVB, 2009)
The Gem of Life (TVB, 2008)
The Four (TVB, 2008, cameo)
Legend of the Demigods (TVB, 2008)
Moonlight Resonance (TVB, 2008, cameo)
When a Dog Loves a Cat (TVB, 2008)
On the First Beat (TVB, 2007)
Devil's Disciples (TVB, 2007)
War and Destiny (TVB, 2007)
Best Bet (TVB, 2007)
The White Flame (TVB, 2007)
Forensic Heroes (TVB, 2006)
Into Thin Air (TVB, 2005)
War of In-Laws (TVB, 2005)
Just Love (TVB, 2005)
The Academy (TVB, 2005)
To Love with No Regrets (TVB, 2004)
Hard Fate (TVB, 2004)
Triumph in the Skies (TVB, 2003)
Life Begins at Forty (TVB, 2003)
Survivor's Law (TVB, 2003)
Virtues of Harmony II (TVB, 2003, cameo)
Virtues of Harmony (TVB, 2001, cameo)

Miss Hong Kong Pageant: Miss Perfect Skin (2000)

Religion: Buddihism

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