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Sunny Chan Profile and Biography
Name: 陳錦鴻 (陈锦鸿) / Chan Kam Hung (Chen Jin Hong)
English name: Sunny Chan
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1967-Jan-01
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 177cm
Weight: 71.2kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese zodiac: Horse
Blood type: O
Family: Wife and son (born 2007-May-02)

Sunny Chan TV Series
His True Father (TVB, 2009)
Just Love II (TVB, 2009)
The Winter Melon Tale (TVB, 2009)
The Greatness of a Hero (TVB, 2009)
Legend of the Demigods (TVB, 2008)
ICAC Investigators (TVB, 2007)
Best Selling Secrets (Tvb,2007)
The Green Grass of Home (TVB, 2007)
Phoenix Rising (TVB, 2007)
The Slicing of the Demon (TVB, 2007)
War and Destiny (TVB, 2007)
Placebo Cure (TVB, 2006)
Love Guaranteed (TVB, 2006)
Vagabond Vigilante (TVB, 2006)
Just Love (TVB, 2005)
Strike at Heart (TVB, 2005)
Yi Shi Jing Qing Meng (異世驚情夢) (ATV, 2002)
Jin Xiu Xian Cheng (錦繡前程) (2002)
Battlefield Network (電視風雲) (ATV, 2000)
At the Threshold of an Era II (TVB, 2000)
At the Threshold of an Era (TVB, 1999)
Detective Investigation Files IV (TVB, 1999)
The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (TVB, 1999)
Secret of the Heart (TVB, 1998)
A Recipe for the Heart (TVB, 1997, guest)
In the Name of Love (有肥人終成眷屬) (TVB, 1996)
The Criminal Investigator II (TVB, 1996)
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (TVB, 1996)
A Stage of Turbulence (刀馬旦) (TVB, 1995)
The Criminal Investigator (TVB, 1995)
A Kindred Spirit (TVB, 1995-1999)
Justice Pao (TVB, 1995)
When a Man Loves a Woman (新同居關係) (TVB, 1994)
Gun and Glory (ATV, 1993)
Viva de Pilot (ATV, 1993)
Silver Tycoon (ATV, 1993)
Spirit of the Dragon (ATV, 1992)
The Butcher School Master (ATV, 1991)
All Out of Love (ATV, 1991)
Hong Kong Revisited (ATV, 1991)
Shanghai 1949 (ATV, 1991)

Sunny Chan Trivia
Education: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (1990 graduate)

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