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Raymond Cho Profile and Biography
Name: 曹永廉 / Cho Wing Lim (Cao Yong Lian)
English name: Raymond Cho
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1965-Oct-16
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 176cm
Weight: 65kg
Star sign: Libra
Chinese zodiac: Snake
Family: Wife Elaine Chiang (2007), son (2008), and two brothers

Raymond Cho TV Series
The Threshold of a Person (TVB, 2009)
The Greatness of a Hero (TVB, 2008)
Moonlight Resonance (TVB, 2008, cameo)
Forensic Heroes II (TVB, 2008)
A Journey Called Life (TVB, 2008)
Welcome to the House (TVB, 2006)
Forensic Heroes (TVB, 2006)
At Home with Love (TVB, 2006)
Healing Hands III (TVB, 2005)
Revolving Doors of Vengeance (TVB, 2005)
Life Made Simple (TVB, 2005)
Hidden Treasures (TVB, 2004)
Summer Heat (TVB, 2004)
Armed Reaction IV (TVB, 2003)
Square Pegs (TVB, 2003)
Doomed to Oblivion (TVB, 2002)
Witness to a Prosecution II (TVB, 2002)
Invisible Journey (TVB, 2002)
Police Station No. 7 (TVB, 2002)
The White Flame (TVB, 2000)
Healing Hands II (TVB, 2000)
A Matter of Customs (TVB, 2000)
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (TVB, 2000)
Face to Face (TVB, 1999)
Journey of Love (TVB, 1994)

Raymond Cho Movies
Wedding in Hell (2003)
My Naughty Boyfriend (2003)
True Love (2003)
The Troublesome Romance (2002)
The Saving Hands (2001)
Final Romance (2001)
The Doctor in Spite of Himself (1999)
B For Boy (1998)
The Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood (1998)
Operation Billionaires (1998)
Love Cruise (1997)
Full Alert (1997)
Don't Tell My Partner (1997)
L-O-V-E.....Love (1997)
Up for the Rising Sun (1997)
Love Amoeba Style (1997)
Growing Up (1996)
Boy's? (1996)
Best of the Best (1996)
Black Dream (1995)
Tragic Commitment (1995)
Hong Kong Graffiti (1995)

His wife is the older daughter of actor John Chiang and actress Lee Lum Lum.

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