Jade Liu

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Jade Liu Profile and Biography

Name - 刘力扬, Liu Liyang
English name - Jade
Sex - Female
Place of birth - Beijing, China
Date of birth - 24 October 1982
Blood type - B
Horoscope - Scorpio
Nationality - Chinese
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Education: 北京联合大学 (Beijing Union University) and Luton University(UK)
Hobbies: Travelling, photography, music, food, collecting interesting things all over the world, Vinyl records, sports (extreme/ adrenaline pumping activities).
Motto: I am just what I am
Strengths: Product design, singing, art.
She sang a duet with Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit called "Ti Amo" for their new album "Two-sided Fahrenheit".
The MV of her song 眼淚笑了 (Tears smiled) features Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit.

jade liu

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