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Jimmy Lin Profile and Biography
Name: 林志穎 (林志颖) / Lin Chi Ying (Lin Zhi Ying)
English name: Jimmy Lin
Also known as: 小志 (Xiao Zhi) / Little Whirlwind
Profession: Actor, singer, and professional race car driver
Birthdate: 1974-Oct-15
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 172cm
Weight: 58kg
Star sign: Libra
Chinese zodiac: Tiger
Blood type: O
Family: One older brother, two younger brothers and a younger sister

Jimmy Lin TV Series
A Legend of Shaolin Temple 2 as Li Shi Min (in production)
My Lucky Star as Zhong Tian Qi (TTV/SETTV, 2007)
Liao Zhai Zhi Yi Xiao Cui as Wang Yuan Feng (2004)
Shu Jian Qing Xia Liu San Bian as Liu San Bian (2004)
Tian Long Ba Bu as Duan Yu (CCTV, 2003)
Secretly Loving You (2002, guest)
The Monkey King as Na Ja (TVB, 2002)
The Legendary Siblings 2 as Jiang Fei Yu and Xiao Yu Er (2002)
Feng Chen Wu Die as Lu Meng Shan (2001)
Lotus Lantern as Chen Xiang (2000)
Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng as Lu Xiao Feng (2000)
The Legendary Siblings as Xiao Yu Er (1999)
TV Series Theme Songs
Dui Wang, My Lucky Star (2007)
Xin Yu Lin Ling (新雨霖铃), Shu Jian Qing Xia Liu San Bian ending theme song (2004)
Xin Wang Hai Chao (新望海潮), with Su Dan, Shu Jian Qing Xia Liu San Bian opening theme song (2004)
You Ni De Shi Jie (有你的世界) A World with You, The Legendary Siblings 2 (2002)
Bu Xi De Deng (不熄的燈) Inextinguishable Light, Lotus Lantern (2000)
Kuai Le Zhi Shang (快乐至上), The Legendary Siblings (1999)

Jimmy Lin Movies
Brother (2005)
Wolf (2004)
I Love How You Love Me (2004)
Long Hu Ying Xiong (2003)
My Heart Will Go On (2001)
Red Word (1999)
Chivalrous Legend (1998)
Heavenly Legend (1998)
Forever Friends (1995)
Grandpa's Love (1994)
No Sir 3 (1994)
Shaolin Popeye (1993)
Vampire Family (1993)
Boys are Easy (1993)
End of the Road (1993)
Flying Dagger (1992)
Butterfly and Sword (1992)
To Miss with Love (1992)

Jimmy Lin Trivia
Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, playing baseball, car racing, and music
Religion: Buddhism

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