A Shin

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A Shin Profile and Biography
Name: 信 / Shin
Also known as: 阿信 / A Shin
Real name: 蘇見信 / Su Jian Xin
Profession: Singer and actor
Birthdate: May-14
Height: 190cm
Weight: 82kg
Star sign: Taurus
Family: Daughter, mother, father and younger sister

A Shin TV Series
Honey and Clover (CTS, 2008)
Summer x Summer (CTS / GTV, 2007)
Love Overcomes Everything (CTV, 2004)
Westside Story (SETTV, 2003, cameo)
At Dolphin Bay (SETTV, 2003, cameo)

Band: Shin
He sold chicken curry on the streets and sang in different pubs before becoming a singer.

A Shin Su Jian Xin

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